How to Help Drug Addictions with Self-Hynosis

By J Seymour
Drug addictions help is available through self-hypnosis. If you have a dependency on cocaine, marijuana or prescription medication, you can give yourself support through the subconscious mind. Alcohol abuse is a drug addiction, too and you can be your own guide in dealing with this problem as well.

Addictive Habits
We fall into addictive habit because they are comfortable. You become accustomed to doing things in a certain way and even when you pattern of behavior is destructive and damaging, it is simply too difficult to break. You are stuck in a pattern of behavior that you can't seem to change.
Habits occur automatically. They require no cognitive thought because they just happen as part of your routine. When you have an addictive condition in your life, you are apt to follow the pattern of behavior without thinking about the consequences.

Starting Tomorrow
There are the occasional fleeting moments in which you reconsider your actions but the pattern usually wins in the end. You may tell yourself that you will start life without your addictive habit tomorrow. That is, after you empty your stock before making the necessary changes.
Change is never comfortable but it is necessary if you need drug addictions help is on your horizon. The first step is to stop waiting for change. You can overcome your addiction with the help of self-hypnosis.

Addictive Thought Processes
If you try to use conventional methods to quit cold turkey you probably already know that you become obsessed with the addictive substance. This obsession takes over your thought processes. The idea of quitting is appealing but you feel compelled to continue the destructive cycle.
Your thoughts evoke feelings of anxiety and loss. The change is frightening and you grieve the loss of the addictive substance. In addition, your addictive thoughts focus on your withdrawals.

When you quit addictive drugs suddenly, you can send your body into a tizzy. This is problematic when you are trying to overcome the problem. As you focus on the withdrawals in your mind, you begin to feel them worsen. This process is defeating and it often leads to reverting to the bad habit.

Drug Addictions Help with Self-Hypnosis
You can enter a path of change comfortably, breaking the cycle of destructive habits. Change in your thought processes is possible and you can survive withdrawals with less discomfort. The secret is to use self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis helps you retrain your mind to focus on other things rather than your substance abuse. You are calm and collected as you make the necessary changes to overcome your habit. This process also helps you work through the physical responses when you are in withdrawal.

There is no reason that you have to continue your substance abuse habit. You can overcome an addictive substance using the power of your own mind. Drug addictions help is available and you have the support you need.

J. Seymour is a writer with Self Help Recordings. 'Help For Drug Addictions' is an excellent recording by Duncan McColl, based on his decades of experience in powerful and classical clinical therapy.

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